Alcohol Withdrawal and the Risk of Relapse

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can difficult to overcome alone. These symptoms include but are not limited to hallucinations, alcohol withdrawal seizures, vomiting, and disorientation. It is not unusual for those experiencing alcohol withdrawal to relapse because they are afraid to go through the withdrawal symptoms or feel that their body won't be able to handle them. This is why those who are truly committed to a successful recovery from addiction should be encouraged to seek alcohol rehab facilities or recovery treatment programs. The will power and the determination to overcome alcohol dependence can only come from having a strong support group that is committed to your treatment and recovery, even if you happen to relapse.

Studies on people enrolled in addiction therapy programs for alcohol dependence reveal that negative interpersonal states (such as anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and depression) are the lead cause in relapse behavior. These negative emotions can be caused by a death in the family, or a fight with a spouse or family member. A drastic change in one's socioeconomic status can also cause stress great enough to trigger a relapse. Whatever the trigger may be, anyone attempting to overcome alcohol abuse should remember their chances of a successful recovery will greatly increase with the help of the treatments offered at alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Here are some recovery tools one should keep in mind for alcohol rehabilitation:

*Don't put yourself in a position where you'll be tempted to drink,

Separate yourself from friends that drink heavily and may encourage you to do the same. Spend less time in bars and social settings where drinks are bought and sold.

* Anticipate the craving to drink.

If you anticipate the craving to drink, you can prepare yourself from satisfying that craving again and again. You may even consider substituting drinking with a healthier activity or substance.

* Spend more time enjoying the things you're passionate about.

When you invest more time with the hobbies, projects, or people that have meaning to you, you will find that the payback is far greater than the fleeting satisfaction that comes from alcohol use. When you feel the craving to drink, use that as an indication to spend time doing something beneficial to your future.

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