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If you are suffering and need help, know that you can turn to Durham Heroin Addiction Recovery Programs

If you or someone you love is being tormented with the effects of substance abuse or addiction and are desperate to seek help, there is hope just a phone call away. There are a number of Durham heroin addiction recovery centers whose mission is to help each patient achieve sobriety and lead them back to a healthy body and life.

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Heroin in North Carolina

According to the Triad City Beat, Opioid pain medications narrate the majority of deaths by overdose in North Carolina. The article stated that "the NC Harm Reduction Coalition has seen some of its greatest successes in Guilford County. The coalition reports reversals of as many as 251 overdoses across the state through its distribution of naloxone kits, and that's only counting addicts, friends and family who went to the trouble to report back to the agency. By far, the largest share of reversals has been reports in Greensboro and High Point – 66 and 47 respectively. That compares to 21 in Charlotte, 5 in Raleigh, 7 in Durham and 15 in Winston-Salem."

The statistics show that there is a need for opiate addiction treatment in Durham and that prevention can help save lives.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Durham

Durham heroin addiction recovery is an important piece of conversation as there is not only a problem locally but country- wide. At centers for addiction recovery, dedicated staff members believe that the best way to treat a patient is through intensive inpatient residential care. While a patient is being treated for an opioid addiction through inpatient care, they are provided with constant care and support in an environment that involves healthy lifestyles and sobriety in daily settings.

Each patient receives a customized treatment plan as Durham heroin addiction recovery centers know that recovery is not just about reaching sobriety but is about reaching it and experiencing it long term. After entering a qualified center for addiction recovery patients first experience a detoxification stage which is one of the most important parts of achieving sobriety. This step in recovery happens inpatient with a medical staff that helps ease the pain of withdrawal and supports the patient so that no type of relapse is experienced.


As stated above, detoxification is the most important step in getting clean. In this process the body gets rid of the substances, or chemicals, that have expanded in the individual over time. Many of these chemicals from the substances effect the users brain chemistry making the individual feel as if they cannot function without the substance. With a proper detoxification process, the individual can begin to think clearly again without feeling the need to use to feel "normal."

After Recovery

Addiction is an illness, and like any other illness, it needs to be monitored. It is possible for a patient to relapse after exiting rehab and that does not mean that they are weak or did not successfully get clean. It means that addiction is a serious illness and requires support and many times long-term outpatient treatment. Durham heroin addiction recovery services provide outpatient services and referrals to keep a patient on track once exiting their services.

Outpatient programs help individuals set goals and teach them how to handle the stress of returning to daily life. This stress many times makes a person want to return to their substance of choice but Durham centers for addiction recovery try to help teach each patient how to manage the stress through healthy measures.

What Do I Do?

The hardest part of having a substance abuse disorder is admitting there is a problem. Many times users, family members and friends believe that quitting is possible at any time, or that the person doesn't have a real problem. If you are using and are lying to others about what you are doing, changing your personal and professional relationships and neglecting things that you would do on a normal day, please seek help.

In Durham, there are many centers for recovery that work towards the goal to return individuals to a place where they are free from drugs and feel happy in body and mind. Don't hesitate to call at 919-246- 9976 to find out about available Durham heroin addiction recovery programs that can help you achieve sobriety.






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