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Are you struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol? Are you scared of the place you're in and no longer know where to turn? When you turn to the centers for Relapse Prevention Durham NC is home to, dedicated professionals are waiting to give you the help you need to overcome addiction.

The staff at rehab centers understand how desperate you feel when you have a relapse. You might think there is no facility that can help you, but there are many addiction rehab centers where highly skilled staff are trained in relapse prevention methods that have already helped thousands of people just like you. One of the major reasons folks relapse is because they have not dealt with the underlying emotional and psychological issues that lead to addiction in the first place. Residential relapse prevention programs can help you break your habit once and for all.

Integrated Treatment Plans

Call us right now at (919) 246-9976 for your free and confidential assessment. Compassionate staff can answer any questions you have about inpatient and outpatient care. We will help you find drug treatment centers that offer a full range of services, including group and individual therapy, personalized care plans and dual diagnosis. Many centers offer alternative therapies as well as short-term and long-term care, and have experience with all forms of dependency so you know they have the knowledge to help you overcome your crisis.

Preventing Relapse

While preventing relapse is not easy, it is nowhere near impossible. In qualified substance abuse centers, you can learn important skills that you can use to maintain sobriety. Rehab centers offer outpatient services and referrals that will help you as you continue to recover after your inpatient stay. Some tips that have proven to be successful include:

Set Goals

Goals keep us focused, and this focus leads to mindfulness. Addiction recovery centers can teach you how to make large and small goals that you can break down into manageable increments. You will also learn how to reassess your goals on a regular basis to make sure they are still conducive to staying sober.

Reward Yourself

Folks who have suffered from addiction are usually good at negative self-talk. They sometimes think they don't deserve to be happy or rewarded. However, rewarding yourself for small victories will give you something to build on. It helps to tell yourself that every day you're sober is a good day indeed.

Handle Stress

Even after completing alcohol treatment, you might feel the desire to drink again when the daily stressors of life build up. Durham Relapse Prevention programs can teach you how to mitigate stress in healthy ways. Meditation, exercise and aromatherapy are three ways to lower your stress level and stay in the moment.

Help Is Available

Many people need detoxification when they enter drug rehab. Experienced medical staff offer supervision and will assist you during your detox treatment. If necessary, they will prescribe medication that will help with your symptoms. Ridding your body of the harmful buildup of drugs and alcohol will ease some of the physical discomfort you might be experiencing right now. After detox, your alcohol treatment will include counseling on an individual and group basis. Rehab centers also offer psychological services and important relapse prevention techniques.

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