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Substance abuse is a situation that affects millions of people. There are various treatment options for whatever your addiction is, but regardless of the abused substance, the first step always begins with detoxification. Although this process can be completed without assistance, you will have a better chance of completing the detox stage if you seek the help of professionals. It is the goal of Durham Drug Treatment Centers to help you find treatment programs that will assist you through this step. Call us at (919) 246-9976 to find Durham rehab centers that offer medical detox programs today.

What is detox?

Detox involves removing any drugs or alcohol from your body. When people have abused drugs for a long period of time, it is important that they seek help from professionals who can ensure that this process is done in a safe manner. Moreover, experienced staff can assist those who suffer through painful withdrawal symptoms, and in those cases, medication will be prescribed.

Alcohol Detox

It is common to hear that the reason people are afraid of seeking treatment for their problem is because of withdrawal symptoms. Durham Drug Treatment Centers understands that when you have medical detox support, withdrawal symptoms are not as unpleasant as you may have come to believe. First, medical detox centers can offer you comfort. Doctors and nurse practitioners will monitor you and administer medications at the first sign of any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Second, rehab centers will educate you and your loved ones about this process. The purpose of this is to allow your family to support you during your detoxification and being educated about this process will be beneficial to your long-term recovery efforts.

Drug Detox

Similar to alcohol detox, withdrawing from drugs can also be made easier when you seek the help of rehab centers who offer medical detox under the care of doctors who are specialized to assist individuals detoxify from any type of drugs. Whether you are addicted to opiates, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines or prescription pills, your withdrawal process will be as comfortable as possible.

Subsequent Treatment

After the detox stage, you will then be able to move forward in your treatment plan and begin group or individual therapy sessions. These sessions will help you explore the causes of your addiction, and they will also help you identify any negative behaviors that may trigger a relapse. Therapy sessions will also focus on rebuilding your self esteem, and they will also identify and diagnose any underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction.

Although the media has made this stage seem scary, you have nothing to fear when you seek help at qualified drug addiction rehab facilities. Because you will have the proper care and support from dedicated staff, you will know that this process will be completed in a safe environment. Call Durham Alcohol Treatment Centers today at (919) 246-9976 for help finding rehab centers that offer professional medical detox programs to help you through the pains of withdrawal.

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