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Are you ready for a change? Has your prescription drug use escalated to the point you aren't sure how to go on? Durham Substance Abuse Treatment Centers understands the important role that staff members at drug rehab programs can play in helping you get off drugs and stay off them. Caring staff can teach you the life skills you need in order to deal with the emotional and environmental triggers that lead to drug use. Call Durham Substance Abuse Treatment Centers today at (919) 246-9976. Let us help you by letting you know about your treatment options.

Durham Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

The best rehab centers offer prescription drug detox that is done in a medically supervised setting. Detox is an important step in the recovery process because your body needs to rid itself of the prescription drugs that have built up over time in your system. Even if your drug use has recently leveled off, you still have chemicals in your system that need to be cleansed. Over the course of an addiction, the brain begins to hold onto the chemicals that cause it to feel high. Addiction actually changes your brain chemistry. You have probably noticed a greater dependence on your drug of choice and that you need increasingly more just to function. This happens to most people who become addicted to prescription drugs, and this is why proper detox is so important.

Prescription Drug Treatment

Qualified substance abuse treatment centers provide the entire range of services that prescription drug addicts need in order to get well. Most outpatient rehabs require residents to undergo prescription drug detox before entering treatment, while inpatient rehab treatment programs offer medical detox as part of their full range of addiction services. Generally, treatment plans will include detox under medical supervision so if you need medication to overcome withdrawal symptoms, it will be offered. Caring staff will do everything possible to make your detoxification experience as easy as possible.

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After your body is cleansed, you will begin individual and group therapy. This therapy is designed to allow you to feel safe and secure while you deal with your inner issues. You will learn to reassess how you respond to stress because this is often the catalyst that makes people abuse drugs like pain killers, Xanax, Valium and hallucinogenics. Stress is a trigger, and some of the skills you will learn in order to deal with it include:

  • Role playing
  • Conflict management
  • Relaxation techniques

These and other activities will help you identify your drug use triggers and how to deal with them.

Time for Honesty

Unfortunately, one of the skills that many addicts acquire is lying or extreme secretiveness. It's often because they know others disapprove of their actions and they, themselves, are ashamed. Many addicts begin to use secretively, but this almost always catches up to them. They might not realize their personal and professional relationships have changed until it's almost too late. However, if you truly desire to rid yourself of addiction, hope is a necessity. There are substance abuse treatment centers that will return you to a place where you will feel hope again, where skilled and compassionate staff want you to succeed. Give Durham Drug Treatment Centers a call at (919) 246-9976 to find out how to start down the road of recovery.

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