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Durham synthetic marijuana rehab centers are dedicated to treating individuals who have a dependence on synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is sold in packets under the names Spice, K2, Black Mamba, Fake Weed and herbal smoke blend. At first most people assumed it was nothing more than a harmless blend of dried and shredded herbs that had similar effects to smoking pot. The list of ingredients printed on the packaging look innocent enough. The herbs all appear to be exotic sounding plant names, so people assume the product really is harmless.

However, researchers analyzed the herbs and made a few interesting observations. Research shows that many of the ingredients listed on synthetic marijuana packaging weren't present at all. There were also traces of other substances in the product that weren't noted in the list of ingredients. Analysis showed that the herbs in synthetic marijuana had been sprayed with chemically-created artificial cannabinoids.

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Difference between Synthetic Marijuana and the Real Thing

Real marijuana is a dried preparation of leaves and buds from the cannabis plant. By comparison, synthetic marijuana contains chemical substances that can have wildly unpredictable effects.

Health Effects of Using Spice

Numerous reports from people who have been taken to various Poison Control Centers around America after smoking Spice cite symptoms of rapid heartbeat, vomiting, confusion, elevated blood pressure, hallucinations and psychosis.

A few cases have been reported of fake marijuana causing heart attacks. At least one death has been linked to overdosing on synthetic cannabinoids.

Is Synthetic Marijuana Addictive?

There have been multiple reports of users consuming Spice on a daily basis who experience withdrawal symptoms consistent with addiction when usage stops. The withdrawal symptoms were similar to those associate with withdrawing from narcotic drugs and can extend for a week or more. Symptoms of withdrawal include extreme vomiting and diarrhea, inability to eat or drink, fatigue, and insomnia.

The chemical toxins in synthetic cannabinoids act on the brain in a much different way to THC found in natural cannabis. The relapse rate of people who quit using Spice is extremely high. People who quit using fake weed years ago still report craving the substance.

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