Are You Living with a Functioning Alcoholic?

Living with a Functioning Alcoholic

Do you hide your excessive drinking? Are you able to maintain your lifestyle? Just because you are able to "keep it together" does not mean it is okay to drink the way that you do. This is what is known as a functioning alcoholic. If you are ready to enter treatment, please call Durham Drug Treatment Centers at 919-246-9976. The staff can help you review your treatment options.

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

A functioning alcoholic may not be easy to spot. This person appears to have everything together – but they are definitely drinking behind the scenes. A highly functioning alcoholic is a master of manipulation and they can live like this for quite some time before anyone notices something is amiss.

They are able to maintain their social lives, jobs, homes and families. High profile individuals are also able to keep the charade up of being completely fine and fool everyone. When events occur in which they have to face the truth, their balancing act is over.

In order to hang on to what is important in their life, alcoholics must enter a treatment program. Typical behaviors of alcoholics include denial. Enabling the alcoholic contributes to the denial. Those who surround the alcoholic may not want to face it, or confront the individual, so they enable the behaviors of alcoholics. Thus, the individual will continue their isolation and suffer in silence until they can no longer do so.

About half of alcoholic individuals are of the highly functioning variety. Because of this, many will go undetected for years – or even decades. Once something happens – like a drunk driving arrest, for example – they will have to face the music. These people are living a double life, so to speak. Hopefully they can elect to enter treatment before something dangerous happens.

These individuals do not look like what you think an alcoholic may look like. They are elegant, dress well, their physical appearance has not suffered. These individuals may drink before an event as to assure they will get drunk without being obvious; "pre-gaming" as it were. No eyelashes will be batted in their direction and they can keep their secret.

Look for the following signs if you believe someone may be a functioning alcoholic:

  • High functioning alcoholics will have blackouts – and no memory of what took place while they were pounding drinks.
  • These individuals are unable to control how much they drink. Sometimes they may set a limit for themselves, but do not manage to stick to it. Of all the signs that indicate someone may be a functioning alcoholic, this one is most telling.
  • When imbibing, these individuals act very differently from their sober selves.
  • These people may not need to drink every day, but, they do obsess over drinking. They think about when and with whom they might share that next drink with.

It is not necessarily about how many drinks you consume, it is about the way you conduct yourself (and what happens to you) when you are drinking that matters. The aforementioned functional alcoholic symptoms should help point out certain things to you. There is no need to suffer like this any longer. Get the help you deserve.

Alcohol Treatment Options

Detox is a phenomenal decision for an alcoholic. Withdrawals can be dangerous and super savage. Medically-assisted detox is when medical staff administer medications in order to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. It is important to realize that it may be very difficult to detox on one's own because, for the most part, individuals will return to the drink because the symptoms are so harsh.

If you or a loved one are a functioning alcoholic and would like to know your alcohol treatment options, please call Durham Drug Treatment Centers at 9192469976. The staff there can help you review your treatment options and locate a rehab facility that will meet your individual needs.





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